Portfolio December 2017

…or the start of our Financial Independence Journey.

From the start of the portfolio, we took into consideration a safety net between multiple currencies. As our local currency is RON we diversified with investments to EUR and USD.

For ‘research purposes’ I will convert all numbers to USD (allocation, contributions, withdrawals and profit!)

Also, as this is a ‘retrospective article’ I am not entirely sure about the exact profit we ended having in December 2017, but I am sure on the amount of money we had in the accounts. I will include some information regarding some actions done in the first part of 2018 as well as a link to the next post.

The Mirage of Crypto

At the end of 2017 we were saving some money for investment (either in our personal loan or mortgage or investment – I was more inclined to the last one). As we were in ‘negotiations’ (I wanted some liquid assets and my wife wanted to pay part of the loan) we decided to wait a little bit more and start from January 2018.

Of course this didn’t happen… I started reading and looking into news regrading the evolution of cryptocurrencys (I had bitcoin on my watch list since 2013 – with the common mentality of ‘why didn’t I entered when in was 5USD, 10USD…’ and so on) and decided this was the best place to start investing (face palm – wish you could hear the sound).

The initial investment consisted in 800USD worth of BTC, LTC and ETH, topping them up with TRX (as it was 10 cents). During almost two weeks we saw the 800 turning up to 1600 USD. With over 2000 TRX in account (and the news saying it will top at 10 USD) I was thinking I could pay our personal loan before the half of 2018.

As it is mentioned in the heading, this was just a mirage, and (as everybody knows) after hitting 20.000USD BTC started to fell (crypto are a high risk asset – so you are exposing to a high risk but with high potential gains or losses).

The good part is (as I had some previous trading experiences with FOREX) I traded my way out of that situation by switching to NEO, ETH classic and BNB. I don’t know exactly how much profit we got at the end of December and even January 2018, but I know for sure that I made a withdrawal of 350USD around March 2018 and finished June 2018 with 430USD in the account. More of the evolution of this asset will be clarified in the following post.

Overlook on December 2017 Portfolio

We finished the year 2017 in glory, even with the decrees of cryptos. We were happy that we started investing in assets. It was our first step we made on this journey (we were searching for tickets to our destination).

Our portfolio was small, with a bad allocation, no reserves at all, but we were happy.

image 4
December 2017 – asset distribution
image 5
December 2017 – risk distribution
Economy Fund490USD


What I learnt from this experience till now:

  • Crypto are a nice investment if you are prone to high risk and do not mind a 80% loss
  • The first step into something new is also the hardest one to take
  • Having multiple currencys in your portfolio helps managing the risks

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant, all the information you find here are my decisions, I taken in that moment, on my own analysis. I am open to any type of discussion about money. If you want to replicate my portfolio take into consideration that it is your money.

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