Portfolio Update December 2020

Another year has passed and we are at the last portfolio update for this year. We will see a yearly progress of our portfolio and financial updates in the next article, which will arrive tomorrow night and you will be able to access it here: 2020 Financial Retrospective.

For this update I have some problems with the rate conversion as we kept the 4.39 USDRON for the full year, and mostly it worked in our favor, but now as the rate is 3.9 USDRON, most profits that were converted from USD to RON, at the real rate, and then converted back to USD at the reference rate, had suffered. The Financial Retrospective article will settle this difference, as it will use the good conversations.

Overlook on December 2020 Portfolio

Regarding our dental intervention, the sum that has been paid until now is of 4800USD, with 2000USD more than September (Portfolio Update here) and in addition to this, my wife started some requalification courses to change her job and it added an extra cost. But as in the past this was all paid from the emergency funds and income.

image 29
December 2020 – Asset Distribution
image 30
December 2020 – Risk Distribution
  • FOREX category performed really well in the last months, thanks to the EA we are running, my starting taking transactions again and closing the open transactions I am caring them since May/June. Overall we have a gain of 104.33USD and an increase of 9%. You can always check the shared portfolio from MyFxBook for a real situation.
  • Crypto, the last period performed well thanks to the increase in demand from crypto. We have a  203.26 USD gain and a 41% increase, things look great and I sold almost all of them. We are sitting on USD at the moment and looking for a new dip to invest.
  • Mutual funds grew again. With a total profit of  25.2USD and a 2% gain. I have to visit the bank for some changes here and probably I will see if we liquidate the fund or not.
  • P2P category brought us another  29.5 USD in profit and a 3% gain. With the new deposit we have an increase of 12% of the total allocation.
  • Stocks Internal Market, is up with 64.69USD and a 9% gain. In the meantime I bought and sold some stocks and marked a 10% on that transaction. Taking into consideration the deposits we have a 33% increase.
  • Stocks External Market, we have the Rebound PIE you can find in the mini-series that will contribute here (Stocks Flavored PIE). Also our star stock gained another 22.66USD before it was sold. The total increase of the asset is 59%.
  • ETF recuperated and brought us 17.18USD in profit. The deposits helped us grow the ETF PIE presented here. The total increase of the asset is for 74%.
AssetSeptember 2020DepositEnd PeriodGainGain %Increase %
Mutual Funds1499.17136.671635.8425.22%11%
Stocks I.762.19182.23944.4264.699%33%
Stocks E.119.2246.88165.322.6620%59%
Asset Increase: Asset, Deposits, Realized Profit, Increase versus September 2020
AssetSeptember 2020DepositEnd PeriodIncrease %
Economy Fund2574.031016.573590.640%
Emergency Fund992.08-572.89419.19-58%
Asset Increase: Asset, Deposits, Realized Profit, Increase versus September 2020

As expected previously I had to take the car into service, but happily I paid only 400USD not 500USD as I was expecting.

What can we say, we finished stronger than expected and the contribution to the Economy Fund is based on our Savings Game (post here) and monthly contributions. It did help that we had the emergency fund and it took all the burden.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant! All the information you find here are my decision, I have taken at that moment, on my own analysis. I am open to any type of discussion about money. If you want to replicate my portfolio take into consideration that it is your money and you can have losses.

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