Portfolio Update June 2020

“Things flow to you when you do your part first.”

Tony Robbins

Watching how the last three months have passed, I witnessed multiple scenarios, from losing, to winning. Everybody made money on the recovery of the markets with stock investments, some lost a lot of money with P2P investments, I lost some more with FOREX and so on.

Hey guys, I know it has been some time since I last wrote an article, but I was very busy with work and spent time on two different projects. You will find more about them in future articles as, at least one of them, turned really interesting.

I still have problems with the USDRON conversion for the grid, but will use this time the reference of 4.39 and will then balance with the actual conversion at the year’s end.

Overlook on June 2020 Portfolio

Considering the previous investment rate, in the last three months it slowed a bit, this is also because I needed money for one of the projects, I made some investments in my laptop and really need the money for other life issues.

June 2020 – Asset Distribution
image 1
June 2020 – Risk Distribution
  • FOREX category…I will not talk about the Forex category. There will be some articles (shouted and full of anger) and will just leave here the numbers. Gain -101 USD and an increase of the account of 6%.
  • Crypto, second period it performed well. After a withdrawal of 34.17USD we still have a  55.13USD gain and a 5% increase. 
  • Mutual funds started to recuperate the previous loss, mostly thanks to how the market went up. So we have a profit of  20.32USD and that is a 2% gain. I have some plans with this asset as for me it is not performing well enough and I will let you know soon what I am thinking.
  • P2P category, even if the market performed badly in the last period and so many platforms were reported as scam, fakes or went broke, we are on the wave. And the settings we did in our last two articles (Part 1, Part 2) performed well enough. We had a withdrawal of 148.52USD and we have a gain of 28.47USD. That is a 3% gain.
  • Stocks Internal Market, after being down almost 180USD we recuperated in the last month and we are up 91.56USD, that is a 38% gain and with our deposits we are up 138%.
  • Stocks External Market, we tripled our investment taking the account to almost 100USD. The gain is small considering we have just one stock bought. But 5USD are 5USD.
  • ETF, also recuperated in the last period, thanks to the increase in stocks and the payment of dividends ( as our ETF’s are with accumulation), registered a gain of 59% and an increase of 159%.
AssetMarch 2020DepositEnd PeriodGainGain %Increase %
Mutual Funds1180.66141.811342.7920.322%14%
Stocks I.386.22245.57723.4691.5638%138%
Stocks E.30.9759.0195.815.8310%110%
Asset Increase: Asset, Deposits, Realized Profit, Increase versus June 2020
AssetMarch 2020DepositEnd PeriodIncrease %
Economy Fund2417.4237.82455.222%
Emergency Fund1202.58706.561909.1459%
Asset Increase: Asset, Deposits, Realized Profit, Increase versus June 2020

And, because of the current situation, as we stayed more indoors, we managed to put some money in the bank, bringing an increase of almost 60% to our emergency fund. But as me and my wife started some dental interventions, it is already going down faster than expected. But this is the role of the emergency fund, so all good after all.

Also, I just got back from a small holiday, at the seaside. A lot of introspection passed in this for days, so I am sorry if I lost some of my ‘personal’ touch in writing the article (I also apologies to my 2 subscribers, that follow all the updates, that I am late with a ton of posts)

Let’s see together what the future brings!

Thank you for reading this!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant, all the information you find here are my decisions, I taken at that moment, on my own analysis. I am open to any type of discussion about money. If you want to replicate my portfolio take into consideration that it is your money.

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