Portofolio Update March 2020

I don’t even know how to start. Just look outside the window, the streets are empty, the local coffeehouse is empty, your favorite restaurant ought to close and only provides home delivery services. We are facing an ‘illness’ at the moment and with it we are eyeing a global recession.

Actually, there are many of us who expected an economic crisis (since 2008), and I know for sure that some of us were amassing piles of money just for this single moment.

But guys, we have to stay safe, stay strong, stay focused. This will pass!

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.”

Robert Tew

If you guys watched the ‘Big Short’, which is a very good movie explaining the 2008 financial crisis, you can understand part of what is happening now at a global economical level.

On a more positive note, we finally managed to invest in ETFs and STOCKS! And that is a big Kudos from our side. On the negative note, they are down 20% (imagine that…haha).

Last year, I used a reference price for all conversions done during the year. It went well, but I had to modify some of the gains and they were not the same as the one in marked in my economic journals. So, for this year, I will incorporate the USDRON conversion into the gains, directly, from month to month.

Overlook on March 2020 Portfolio

Look at that new bright colors!!! We have 3 new categories. If we had troubles before with putting down the numbers in the table, imagine now. I am so happy!

image 5
March 2020 – Asset distribution
image 4
March 2020 – Risk Distribution
  • FOREX category…Do you heard about the battle from Marathon? Well it was a big battle during the Greco-Persian Wars. And like all battles, there are a lot of causalities. FOREX is our casualty this time, with a total loss of -553.94USD,  a loss of -43% in profit. And to be frank with you, I still have -700USD open transactions probably will see them next months. More articles on this topic, in the FOREX category.
  • Crypto, performed so well that I took out almost 200USD and funded the STOCKS account. And as you can see we still have a gain of 35USD.
  • Mutual funds are also affected by this illness, registering a loss of 93USD, close to 10% loss. But thanks to our monthly subscriptions we are up 5%.
  • P2P category performed well, even in this time. It’s true, that some loans are late because of the current situation, but we have 6USD in the bank so…it’s something.
  • Stocks Internal Market, they are new, they are cool, they are young. Everybody loves stocks. Well, we started with an initial 350USD deposit and added 120USD after, but we saw a decrease of -83USD due to the current situation. I am not stressed about this as I will buy more in the future and decrease the medium cost.
  • Stocks External Market, same as their little sister, these ones are a bit shy but still new and sexy. We started with a small investment of 36USD and we will see how they will perform. New funds to come next month.
  • ETF, as stocks need a guardian, the big brother comes in place. We bought ETFs worth of 123USD, which performed as expected, registering a loss (haha).

We welcome to our family all new assets, we want them to grow and sustain us later.

AssetDec 2019DepositEnd PeriodGainGain %Increase %
Mutual Funds1131.71141.811180.66-92.86-9%5%
Stocks I.0469.25386.22-82.92-18%82%
Stocks E.035.6830.97-4.71-14%86%
Asset Increase: Asset, Deposits, Realized Profit, Increase versus December 2019
AssetDec 2019DepositEnd PeriodIncrease %
Economy Fund1673.97743.452417.4245%
Emergency Fund683.17519.411202.5877%
Asset Increase: Asset, Deposits, Realized Profit, Increase versus December 2019

What is coming, is a volatile situation where everything can go down, more than 20-30%. We have a bigger allocation in our CASH funds and we are (to some extent) prepared.

I would like to shift some money around, maybe from P2P to Stocks, as I am sure that Stocks will recover in 2-3 years, giving better returns than the 10% presented until now.

At the same time, I want to sustain the P2P market, as it does wander, even if it’s still a young one. And they need help guys, because a lot of investors decided to bail out and sell the loans.

Let’s see together what the future brings!

Thank you for reading this!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant! All the information you find here are my decision, I have taken at that moment, on my own analysis. I am open to any type of discussion about money. If you want to replicate my portfolio take into consideration that it is your money and you can have losses.

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