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Marseille has a really nice port. Its strategic location was chosen both by Romans and Greeks during their accession period, because of the open port it provided.

Of course, you can find lots and lots of attractions from forts to scuba diving zones, but cruises….cruises are something apart. You have the chance to explore beautiful zones, take stops for scuba diving, fishing, or you can just relax on the deck.

One of our fondest memories is linked to the cruise we took. So, I decided to find and integrate a cruise company in our PIE.

And just to make a recap of what we already have, you can check the other articles:

Carnival Corp.

Carnival operates the world’s largest fleet of cruise ships. In addition to 100 vessels, the company also owns travel-related properties such as hotels and vacation destinations throughout the world. The company in December provided an update on its itinerary cancellations, including the canceling of cruise operations scheduled for February from Miami, Port Canaveral, and Galveston. Carnival said it is implementing plans for the resumption of cruising in 2021, though the company did not provide a timeline (the source of the article is here , and the text is an excerpt of the source).

CCL currently is normally a paying dividend (3 times a year) company, but they are suspending its dividends in an effort to improve liquidity as multiple of their fairs have been canceled. This is not very warring as it’s room from a comeback. Their usual dividend is between 3.5-5%, so I would definitely wait for them to pay again.

image 25

Their recovery is not on track at all. I do like they manage to stay on a flat line after their fall (and don’t plunge further), so I think it ‘s a good asset for the Rebound PIE (there is a lot of room). I do however am a bit worried that they are on a downtrend from 2018, so maybe after the stock rebound we will see if it’s worth it to keep it further in our portfolio.

Reading an article on their rebound (found here), I think they will have a slow recovery as they must reduce their debt considerably. I guess time will tell.

Until then, welcome to our PIE!….and wow, that dropped our ANR.

image 26

Walt Disney

And what is a trip without a themed attraction park for the kids. I bet most of the families that read the blog consider going to a themed park (at least once for the kids). And with this to say, Walt Disney, welcome on the ingredients list.

image 27

I just jumped to adding Walt Disney. With the countries reopening to truism (when they will do), parks will start filling again.

But why DIS? Well because DIS has a market capitalization of $314,535,565,478 ( I searched for this number and even copy pasted it), which is more than 99.62% of the stocks from U.S. and it’s on the market since 35 years ago, more than 92.92% of U.S. stocks.

image 28

They are already over the pandemic. Pandemic who? They are at an all times high. I expect a short correction to happen soon, and by the time we start our PIE, to get it a littler cheaper than it is at the moment.

DIS pays dividends, twice a year. As most of the companies affected by COVID, they will skip the January dividends.

Even if the fun of the parks is suspended, Disney it’s about everything else. They are going on the strong trend of online streaming with Disney+ and with bold predictions for 2024. Unfortunately they have to reduce their employee numbers with 32000, before the end of March 2021 (so maybe then we will have the correction of the stock).

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