Saving on your Water – Small gains

On a medium, a grown person drinks 2 L of water each day. A household with a small kid and two adults can be considered to drink 4L of water each day. This is the amount of water, that for some, has to be bought in plastic bottles from the shop. Imagine caring 12L of water each time you go to the shop.

Some years ago… 3 to be exact, we decided to buy a filtration system in our house, that get’s connected directly to the source of water. There are multiple systems with different types of filtration, but we chose one with alkaline technology.

At the start, I decided to buy it to reduce the time and energy spent on caring bottles, and to reduce the plastic we were using.

But as in the latest article (Saving on Homebrew Flavors?), I think you will be surprised at how much you could save if you install a filter.

Breaking down the cost

Three years ago, when we bought the filtration system, it was around 120$. I have to mention is a 5 point filter system, that has 5 cylinders, each one of them with a specific role: filtering, removing minerals, adding back minerals, and balancing the PH.

That was the whole price, for 1 year of water, 120$. The next year, I bought 2 spares of filters, for two years (because the cylinders have to be replaced annually – or faster if they get used too much), that was 126$. Some days ago, to take advantage of Black Friday, I decided to buy the spares for another two years 111$. Except for the price of the filter, I do have to pay for the water, but the cost is something around 1$ -.1.5$ for a cubic meter (that is 1000 L of water) and there are no electrical costs.

It can be seen with the naked eye, that the savings done on the water alone are tremendous. But, for consistency, let’s put them on paper.

But first of all, if we ask Numbeoo, the cost of 1L of bottled water in Romania is approximately 0.41$ or 0.52$ if we look on some online stores.

cGVOKE1rHIVihHsMNQuYQznwOPXXSMxyJ0 pZgodhQDyiz8MBGSbX iZ93YstNA4lCzyW3nEwYBlniTMxTehREsga0M8JcBFMqQZqNn6ufNlGsr3zfuLfrc Cvv 4K1b7 Os49g0
Year 1
Filtration System120$
Medium L of water1460
Total Cost122$
Total Cost L0.08
Commercial Cost599$
Year 2-3
Medium L of water2920
Total Cost130$
Total Cost L0.04
Commercial Cost1,197$
Year 4-5
Filtration System111$
Medium L of water2920
Total Cost115$
Total Cost L0.04
Commercial Cost1,197$
Total Save2,625$

That is right! Installing a filtration system saved us almost 2600$ in 5 years. But what is more interesting is that we SAVED 3650 recycled plastic bottles.

But of course, the costs could be way higher depending on the filtration system you buy or what kind of water you have access at. But regardless of this, the amortization of the costs will happen at some point, enableing you to save money.

As mentioned in the previous article, I do not say do not buy anymore bottle water as everyone is free to do how it thinks, but, if you would install a filtration system you could do some savings without realizing.

Hope this article finds well all of you! If you have any more savings tips that you are using, please feel free to let us a comment.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant! All the information you find here are my decision, I have taken at that moment, on my own analysis. I am open to any type of discussion about money. If you want to replicate my portfolio take into consideration that it is your money and you can have losses.

P.S. Header Image from chiplanay on Pixabay

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