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Hey guys, this article may seem strange, if not from the title, from the context of it. I will start with a disclaimer, this is an article written on my phone, in the bed. I’m in the bed, stretched on my guts as much as I can, because I just had an operation ( two days ago). Nothing as dangerous as it seems but still an operation needed to remove a cyst from my back that was preventing me from working in a comfortable position.

Long story short, I am a cowardly person when it get to anything related to doctors ( I remember the time when I was afraid of vaccines) and as all men my age, who are brave enough and smart enough not to go to the doctor when needed ( when did you went last time to an appointment??) I did the best to avoid the visit.

Of course is stupid not to go. The doctors are there to help you and improve your life. I had this chist for almost one year before deciding to go for the operation and I didn’t go with all my heart.

So I went to the hospital, got myself internaled, shit myself all day ( not literally) about the spinal anaesthesia and what the intervention presumed. Not to mention I had a hard time because I was not an “urgency” so I didn’t know when my time would come (waited almost 24h without eating and just small sips of water). I just gave up. Seriously, I sat down and demanded to get released and just run the shit out of there. My loved ones supported my decision to leave and see in the future what to do (even if the cyst was not critical it could transform in an infection at any time – the operation was needed).

But then the doctor came, like a knight there to slain another dragon, with a strong resolve not to let me go, and to proceed with the surgery. He was ruthless and determined. And here the story ends, with me laying in the bed (on a 7 days holiday – at least).

What I learned is that professional advice can really help, even if you are thinking otherwise.

What about financial advices

Consider this blog your loved relative (and subscribe for new articles) and take financial advice from here, just because it aligns with your feelings of investment. It can be wrong, really wrong and get you in trouble, and sooner or later you will need the advice of a true professional. This is one of the reasons I have the disclaimer at the bottom.

You can find a professional in so many financial books (just double check the author background), you could seek the advice from consultants (but be aware of scams), but always seek advice from good professionals when you are doing a (big) investment.

I mean, guys, we are smart and some of you are even smarter and more well informed, but I think some information is hidden from the ones that are not working in the finance domain. Things that can be cleared with a professional if you have doubts.

This is my advice I can offer at the moment, good or bad, it’s my thought about… I found the best deal at the mortgage credit after a professional advised me how to and I had a professional help me with the papers. I found a good way to invest in a book.

How many of you had a chat with a finance professional? I am interested in success and failure stories, so leave the comment at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant! All the information you find here are my decision, I have taken at that moment, on my own analysis. I am open to any type of discussion about money. If you want to replicate my portfolio take into consideration that it is your money and you can have losses.

P.S. Header Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

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